SRS Airbag DTC: B00A0

Occupant Classification System (Subfault)

Children and small passengers can be injured during airbag deployment. The occupant classification system (OCS) is designed to prevent this from happening. To keep small individuals, such as children safe, the OCS prevents the passenger airbag from deploying when needed. The OCS is part of the airbag system, referred to as the supplemental restraint system (SRS).

After a vehicle has been in an accident it’ll likely throw a variety of codes. A code that can often times come up is B00A0. This code means your seat occupancy computer needs to be programmed.

To reprogram your OCS is not difficult as long as you have a OBD2 SRS Compatible Scanner.

  1. Connect to your cars onboard computer (OBD2)
  2. Find the Occupant / OPDS / Weight Sensor sub settings
  3. Zero out the weight, initialize or reset.*

*Each scanner has different options and wording