Airbag SRS Components and how they work?

The supplemental restraint system (SRS) has many things connected to it, one of the main parts is the airbag and the airbag components. These below are some of the components connected to the airbag system.

  • Airbags
  • Airbag inflator and squibs
  • Impact sensors
  • Airbag SRS module

Different types of airbags and amount in the vehicle.

Different vehicles have different amount and types of airbags:

Driver and passenger frontal airbags; driver and passenger side impact curtain airbags; knee airbags and roof airbags. 

The common amount of airbags in a car ranges from 2- 6 and this depends on the type of vehicle. 

Impact sensors

When the Impact sensors, or crash sensors are triggered, it will send a signal to the SRS control Unit.

Airbag squibs

Lastly, the airbag squib will trigger the airbag inflator causing the airbags to deploy.

Control Unit

After being signaled from the impact sensors, the Control unit (SRS airbag module) will find out if theres an accident and will send a signal to the squib.

What is the Airbag inflator?

The squib is part of the wiring circuit that connects to the airbag inflator and causes the airbags to deploy when signaled.

SRS Airbag module Crash data

SR-2285 (1)

After the deployment of the airbag, or other parts connected to the SRS system it will store all the crash data into the airbag module. The airbag module will need to be reset to clear the hard codes.