Seatbelt / Pretensioner code, but no accident?

After an accident, most of the time the airbags and seatbelts deploy. If the vehicle isn’t in a major accident, sometimes only the seatbelts will deploy. There are other situations that can cause your seatbelts to go bad.

There are some situations where the seatbelt wont stay locked up after an an accident, but the charge did deploy and will cause the code.

Causes for seatbelt and pretensioner codes.

  • Hitting a curb at high speeds around 8 miles per hour and above.
  • Hitting a pothole above speeds of 15 mile per hour and above.
  • Minor accident (Light fender bender) and more.

Electrical issues can appear from constantly moving the chair forwards and backwards – Causing an airbag light for the seatbelts.

The seatbelts / pretensioners could be good, but it could be the plug that connects to the seatbelt or pretensioner.

Theres a-lot of other things that can cause the seatbelt/pretensioner codes: Loose wires, electrical prongs touching, corroded, pushed and bent pins.

Testing Seat belts and pretensioners to see if they’re faulty.

To help narrow down if it’s the seatbelt, or maybe the plug that connects the seatbelt / pretensioner, start off by checking them with a multi meter. This page will help show you how to test the seatbelts and pre-tensioners.

How to solve seatbelt or pretensioner codes.

If the seatbelt is good, then check the plug that connects to the seatbelt.

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If everything else is good, it could be a hard code stored in the Airbag module.

Module Reset Service