What is the (ECU) Electronic Control Unit?

After the deployment of the airbag, or other parts connected to the SRS system it will store all the crash data into the airbag module. The Electronic Control Unit (ECU) will need to be reset to clear the hard codes.

(ECU) could also refer to the Engine Control Unit. 

Where is the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) Located?

The most common location for the Airbag Module is in the center console between the driver and passenger seats. It could also be located under the driver and/or passenger seat.

Different manufacturers will place the module in different locations, but the owners manual will tell you exactly where the module is located for your vehicle.

How does the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) work?

After being signaled from the impact sensors, the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) will find out if theres an accident and will send a signal to deploy the airbags and seat belts.

Does the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) need to be replaced?

No, the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) does not need to be replaced unless it has physical damage or an internal fault code.

After an accident the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) will need to be reset.