How to get your seatbelt and pretensioner fixed.

Getting the seatbelts and pretensioner fixed is a very simple process. Whether the seatbelt is locked up after an accident, has trouble retracting, is too sensitive and or not sensitive enough – It can all be repaired.

Even the webbing can be replaced if the webbing is ripped, torn, frayed, or maybe you just want a different color.

Removing your seatbelt from the vehicle.

Quick tip: When removing any SRS components, you want to make sure that the battery is disconnected.

After disconnecting the battery, you can start to remove the seatbelt from the vehicle.

This video will help will help with the removal process.

It can take 30 minutes up to 1 hour to remove a seatbelt or pretensioner from the vehicle.

Difficulty level: Ranges from easy to hard, depending on the vehicle and the condition of the bolts that are holding the seatbelt retractor frame.

Repair Service by Safety Restore

After purchasing the service from Safety Restores website, you’ll get a confirmation receipt. Print that out, put that in the box with your seatbelts and ship it to their address.

You can use any-kind of shipping: Fed Ex, UPS, USPS or whichever method you prefer.

Safety Restore’s seatbelt technicians will repair and ship back your items within 24 hours. Shipping back is anywhere from 1-3 days.

Why should you get your seatbelts repaired?

Buying replacement seatbelts can be very difficult to find, and if you manage to find some they will cost $200 – $500 per seatbelt.

Safety Restores process is fairy simple, Fast turnaround and you will save a lot of time and money.