How much does it cost to fix an airbag light?

Whenever you have an airbag light on the dashboard, it could mean a lot of different thing and the price depends on exactly what’s causing the light to go off. 

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Quick tip: get the vehicle scanned. 

Here are some common things that will trigger an airbag light.

  • Airbags, airbag squib, electrical connection and harness open or shorted.
  • Seat belt retractor (the charge on the mechanism) , anchor Pretensioner, electrical connection, plug that connects to the seatbelt, or code stored in the airbag module. 
  • Buckle pretensioner, electrical connection, or the plug that connects to the buckle pretensioner and code stored in the airbag module.
  • Seat sensor, electrical connection, code stored in the airbag module and more

After solving the issue, you should be able to clear the code and finally get rid of that airbag light. Heres how to do that.