What is a B1912 code?

The most commonly seen cause of the B1912 code is an electrical component failure in the airbag diagnostic monitoring system or the airbag deployment system.

Common causes for this code in the SRS system are things like:

How do I fix this code?

  • Blown fuses in the SRS system
  • Corroded wiring
  • Corroded connections
  • Open connections
  • Short circuit

We highly suggest that you check the simple things first before trying the expensive fixes, like buying a whole new wiring harness.

Make sure your battery is unplugged for all of these steps so that you do not accidentally set off your airbag.

First, check all of the connections of the SRS system to make sure that they are not corroded or unplugged.

Then, if that is not the issue then check the fuses for the SRS system to make sure that they are fine and working.

Lastly, if the previous two solutions did not take away the code, then you may have to get new wiring for the SRS system. We highly suggest buying the entire wiring harnesses with the connections on them. This way you will not have to do any splicing yourself and everything will come ensured with quality connections; whereas, you could make a mistake if you decided to do the wiring yourself.