What is an Airbag Inflator?

The airbag inflator is a part of the airbag that will cause the airbag to rapidly inflate when signaled that there is a crash; or if signaled by faulty installation or bad wiring connections.

Can my Airbag Inflator go Bad?

These are a component that is expected to “last a lifetime,” however, this does not mean that they will last forever.

These can go bad and or faulty, however, this is a very rare occurrence and if there is an issue with it the issue is most likely the connections are corroded and or broken.

Most modern cars connect the airbags to a self-diagnostic system that tests the inflators to see if they work or not. If the inflator is faulty then a code will come up and it or the entire airbag will need to be replaced.

Can I replace my Airbag Inflator?

These can be replaced however, this is an extremely time-consuming process and will not only cost you a huge amount of time, but also a very large amount of money.

If any of your airbags have a faulty airbag inflator we highly suggest that you get an entirely new airbag instead. This is a much less expensive option, and it will save you a huge amount of time.

If the vehicle still has a light on the dashboard, there might be some codes stored in the SRS module.

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