What is a Pretensioner and what does it do?

The seatbelt pretensioner is a device that is connected to the SRS system and is a safety feature that will protect you after an accident. 

The seatbelt pretensioner is a long tube that has an explosive device on it. Whenever the airbag module detects that there is a crash, the seatbelt pretensioner will scrunch in and secure you in place while wearing the seat belt. 

Cost to repair the seatbelt pretensioner ?

After the accident the seatbelt pretensioner can be repaired instead of replaced.  The price for a new seatbelt pretensioner can range from $100 – $300, but the repair is only $74.99


Where is the Seatbelt Pretensioner located?

The seatbelt pretensioner can be located in 2 different areas.

  1. Attached at the end of the seatbelt retractor.

triple-stage-seat-belt-repair (1)
  1. Attached the female buckle (where you click your seatbelt buckle clip into to)

Seat belt and pretensioner (SRS) Repair Service


Now if you don’t know if it’s your seatbelt, pretensioner, or both are faulty – this guide will help narrow it down for you (Learn more…)